4 in 1 Type-C hub 3 USB3.1, Type-C Gen2 with switches

    Model : C- S011

    3*USB3.0 A/F (10Gbps) & 1*Type-C (Gen2 10Gbps) with 4 separate switches for individual operating

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Product Specification


USB3.0/Type-C Male cable& 1*Type-C (DC/5V Power supply)


3*USB3.1 A/F (10Gbps)

Output 2

1*Type-C (Gen2 10Gbps



Product Details

Power Delivery Compatible

Supports up to 100W (minus 15W for operation) pass-through charging so you can power up a 15” MacBook Pro at full speed—all while accessing the hub’s other functions. (Charger not included).

Transfer Files in Seconds

Transfer movies, photos, and music at speeds up to10 Gbps via the USB-C data port and dual USB-A ports


4 in 1 Type-C hub 3 USB3.1, Type-C Gen2 with switches (1)
4 in 1 Type-C hub 3 USB3.1, Type-C Gen2 with switches (2)

Application chip

GL3590:Applied to the HUB with USB3.0 interface, up to 4 U3 interfaces can be used, and the USB3.1 GEN2 rate is 10Gbps


Question: Does it work only as usb 3.0 hub, but also if connected to 1.0 or 2.0 usb port?
Answer: Works on a 2.0 usb hub.

Question: My tablet has only one usb port, to connect or be charged. if i connect the hub to it, can i connect the charger to the hub and so charge the tablet?
Answer: I think you can’t. Your tablet have a charger with a usb port this big to charge? Better to check first the charger and the size of usb.

Question: Hat es overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, over temperature- protection?
Answer: Nein, Amber es Reich fut mir, brauche es nur fur einden externe brenner.

Question: Does this usb adapter work for a ps4?
Answer: It works for every USB capable device. I didn't test it on ps4 but it is a HW based device not a SW one.

Question: My external hard drive is a 4 tb . I want to use this to pulg my hard drive and my wireless headphones that use a usb Transmitter. Will this work ?
Answer: Please note that since the hub is not powered via an external adapter it draws all its power from the computer's USB port. Therefore the current cannot exceed 0.9 Amps among all the ports. To ensure a stable connection, we would suggest not using this hub with high power consumption devices such as large-capacity hard drives. For a stable connection, avoid connecting devices that exceed a total of 900 mA. Devices are usually rated as follows:
Mouse 100 mA, USB Flash Drive 100 mA, Camera 300 mA, Keyboard 500 mA, External Hard Drive 900 mA.

Question: Will the anker 4- port usb 3.0 also support usb 2.0 devices?
Answer: Yes, this is backwards compatible, so 2.0 (or even the original USB 1.0/ 1.1 devices) will work at whatever speed they were designed for - so this won't "speed up" an old device.

Question: Can this work with the Nintendo switch?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will it work on any desktop?
Answer: Will this work for desktop PC cyberpower.

Question: Is this device plug and play? Do I need to install drivers?
Answer: plug and play.

Question: Does this work on original ps4?
Answer: This hub should work with on original ps4.

Question: Can I use this to hear videos from my Mac computer to my hearing sids.
Answer: You can attach USB speakers, earbuds or a headset using this device, if you have a USB connection to your hearing aids it might work, check with your hearing aid maker.

Question: will this work for a 2020 ipad 11 pro.
Answer: No, since the iPad Pro 11 is with a USB C connection, this USB 3.0 Hub is with a USB A connection.

Question: Is this compatible with a 2018 Macbook Pro? If not is there one in this price range that does?
Answer: No, this Anker 4- Port USB 3.0 Hub, Ultra-Slim Data USB Hub with 2 ft Extended Cable is not compatible with a 2018 Macbook Pro. We recommend Anker USB C Hub, Aluminum USB C Adapter with 4 USB 3.0 Ports (asin:B07DFYQXY7). But, the price is higher than Anker 4- Port USB 3.0 Hub.

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