Does USB-HUB damage the computer?

Post time: Oct-22-2021

If there is no damage, you can connect to an external device. Don’t worry about the laptop’s port being insufficient, such as connecting to a projector, printer, small fan, fan heater, network cable port, and so on. Baseus multi-function HUB for Surface Pro docking station parameters for Microsoft Surface Pro
1. Expansion network port: convenient for users to connect to the network cable and enjoy high-speed network;
2. In-line design: make the product and notebook become one, stable contact and avoid poor wired contact ;
3. Expansion 2 port USB 3.0, can connect USB devices such as U disk, mouse, external keyboard, bid farewell to repeated plugging and unplugging;
4. USB3.0 5GB transfer rate, file transfer in seconds;
5. Special slope design, perfect Fits Surface;
6. The product is small and easy to carry.

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