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Wellink Industrial Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. who was established in 2011 fully invested by Hong Kong Wellink international, as well as has a factory in Dongguan.

It integrates complete design and development, manufacturing, import and export of foreign trade. Located in Zhonghe District, Taipei, our R&D team is owning more than 10 hardware/software development engineers. The main products are these best- selling products, which have TYPE-C series, DP series, HDMI / VGA / DVI Splitter and SWITCH audio and video series, Cable extender series TWS earphone series, etc, in which enable us to provide customers with complete technical support, quality products and the fastest and most considerate services, and make customers more competitive in the market. We have a complete production management system, passed the ISO9001 quality system, ROHS environmental protection, CE, FCC, national 3C certification, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries. Company adhering to the business philosophy "people-oriented, moral first, benign competition, sustainable management", and the quality policy "strict management, full participation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction".

Business continues to improve at an incredible speed, which has achieved rapid and stable development for several years, moreover, has gained high reputation with excellent quality, prompt delivery and good service.




CMA Inspection RTeport



CMA Inspection report


Patent Certificate Of Appearance

Patent certificate of appearance

Wellink uses SMT automatic mounting equipment and automatic AOI testing equipment, with high quality management methods and manufacturing experience to provide you with SMT/DIP/ assembly/ testing/ packaging and other perfect services; SMT workshop has 2 sets of YAMAHA YS24R high- speed SMT machine, 2 sets of Panasonic CN88S+ high- speed SMT machine, 2 sets of Panasonic multi- function SMT machine, 2 sets of reflow soldering, 1 set of wave soldering, 2 sets of AOI testing machine, 1 set of DIP workshop has 1 automatic plug- in line and 2 post- soldering lines. 2 test assembly lines; Optimized resource mix, can meet the different needs of different customers.

Factory Equipments

Production workshop

Imported automatic equipment, dust- free workshop. Customization cost savings of 15% to meet personalized customization of international patent technology.

Assembly line test bit
IQC incoming inspection

Workshop equipment

DIP Workshop dock Finished assembly line

DIP Workshop dock Finished assembly line

The engineering department

The engineering department

YAMAHA automation High speed production line

YAMAHA automation High speed production line

YAMAHA High speed laminator

YAMAHA High speed laminator

SMT Automated production line

SMT Automated production line

SMT Universal SMT machine

SMT Universal SMT machine

 SMT Automatic solder paste printing press SMT automated production line

SMT Automatic solder paste printing press

SMT automated production line

Wellink equipments

Workshop equipment

AOI Test

AOI Optical detector

SMT automated production line

SMT line production line

Carbon dioxide laser11

Carbon dioxide laser wire stripper

Carbon dioxide laser4

Precision instantaneous welding machine

Carbon dioxide laser3

Low pressure molding machine

Carbon dioxide laser2

Laser welding machine

Carbon dioxide laser12

Double wire stripping machine

Carbon dioxide laser13


Workshop equipment

SMT Automated production line

DIP Workshop

SMT automated production line

SMT Workshop


The production workshop

SMT automatic board feeder

SMT automatic plate feeder



Engineering inspection

The engineering department

IQC incoming inspection

IQCIncoming inspection

Assembly line test bit

DIP Workshop assembly line test position

Customized Service

Multi- function HUB customized on demand


International first- line chipSupport major systems.


Automatic protection, Prevent current and voltageoverload.


Development and production of high- end/ Type- C docking station. One- stop solution


International first- tier chip solution

Super system compatibility


20 years of experience in dock converter research and development.


With automatic protection device, prevent current and voltage overload.


Adopt international first- line chip program to support multi- function output.


Powerful system compatibility applies: 2020 MacOS, Win7,Win8,Win10.

YAMAHA automation High speed production line

International first- tier chip solution

E- commerce brand, cross- border e- commerce, trade buyers customized first choice

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The factory covers an area of more than 5000 square meters and has 100 employees.


International imported production and testing
equipment SONY, YAMAHA
Panasonic Samsung, Apple, etc.

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Supply chain stability, fast production delivery time
can be controlled.

8 strict quality control system

Adopt full automatic operation, SMT automatic mounting equipment and automatic AOI detection equipment.

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Supplier incoming inspection
- Material quality inspection -

ico (6)1

-SMT placement -
AOI optical testing

ico (5)1

- DIP detection -
PCBA function test

ico (4)1

- Finished assembly -
Functional inspection of
finished products

ico (8)1

Shipment inspection
- OQC testing -

ico (9)1

- Finished product
warehousing -
Material number
management + storage

ico (10)1
ico (10)

- Shipping
management -
Product sampling

ico (3)1

Packing of finished
- Visual inspection-