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What Are The Frequently Asked Questions About The USB C HUB Docking Station?

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Seriously hot when using the product?
Electronic equipment will dissipate heat when it is in use. The aluminum alloy casing can quickly dissipate the heat from the surface to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. The normal operating temperature is 40-50 degrees. According to the national GB4943.1-2011 standard, the temperature of the grip part for a short time shall not exceed 60 degrees. When our products work under full load for a long time, the temperature of the metal is 52 degrees (when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees), which is in line with National standard, please rest assured to use.

Why is there no video output?
1. Make sure the connection is intact.
2. Use standard HDMI or DP wire.
3. Please make sure the correct input source is selected for the HDMI and DP monitors.

Why doesn't HDMI have audio output?
1. Make sure your monitor has a sound output function.
2. Set your external monitor as the sound output device.

Why can't I charge my laptop?
1. First, please check the specifications of your notebook. If there are multiple USB-C ports, please confirm whether the PD charging function is supported.
2. Verify that the system used supports charging via USB-C PD at the same time.
3. Please note that some systems that are charged by JSB-C or Thunderbolt 3 may not support charging from external products, and only support charging the notebook directly with the original charger or a charger verified by the original factory.

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