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What interfaces does the docking station support and does it support HDMI output?

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Docking stations can be said to exist for laptops. From daily work to home gaming and audio, laptops without them are like losing their right arm, and the expansion performance instantly reaches its peak. Next, Wellink will briefly introduce whether the docking station supports HDMI output and which interfaces the docking station supports. Come and join me in the article to take a look, I believe you will definitely gain something!

Does the docking station support HDMI output?
The docking station supports HDMI interface and can be connected to devices such as mobile phones or TV/projectors to achieve fast screen projection function.
The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a fully digital video and sound transmission interface that can send uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used in devices such as set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, televisions, game consoles, integrated amplifiers, digital audio systems, and televisions. HDMI can send both audio and video signals simultaneously, greatly simplifying the installation difficulty of the system circuit due to the use of the same wire for both audio and video signals.
type-c to hdmi
What interfaces are supported by the docking station
1. Data interfaces: USB-A, Type-C
Supports connecting USB peripherals such as keyboards and mice, mobile hard drives, heat sinks, and printers to laptops.
The common USB peripherals mainly use two interface forms: USB-A and Type-C. However, many pen motor models use 1-2 fully functional Type-C ports, and their attitude towards the USB-A interface is to give it up if you can. This is probably because they have a new love, forget their old love, and are really "scum"!
In this case, integrating USB A and Type-C docking stations or splitters to support more USB peripheral expansion needs is simply a blessing for laptop users!
2. Card reader slot: SD/TF
Support for reading and writing TF and SD cards is a must-have for users who frequently use cameras.
Nowadays, there are very few thin and lightweight laptops equipped with card reading slots, and the Type-C docking station integrates SD/TF card slots, making it easy for users to batch copy camera storage cards to laptops at any time, and plug and play, without network support!

3. Video interface: HDMI/VGA
Support laptop external monitors, projectors, televisions, and other large screen devices to provide a more comfortable audio-visual experience.
Screen expansion, conference projection, video/game projection... These application scenarios are very common in our daily work or life, and laptops must be able to meet them! The integrated HDMI/VGA video interface in the docking station allows laptops to seamlessly adapt to old and new large screen devices, easily achieving high-definition screen projection freedom!
4. Network interface: Rj-45
Support laptop upgrade with wired network card, direct access to high-speed broadband network!
Due to the increasingly mature application of wireless Wi Fi technology, except for game books and all-around series, the light and thin series of laptops sold on the market have basically eliminated network cable interfaces. Although wireless Wi Fi networks are convenient to use, they are prone to external interference, making it difficult to cope with high network speed requirements such as video conferences, high-definition videos, games, and other application scenarios. The docking station integrates Rj-45 wired network ports, You can plug your thin and lightweight laptop into the internet cable, keep videos from getting stuck, and play games with skyrocketing internet speeds!
In addition, many Type-C docking stations integrate an audio jack and PD fast charging interface, supporting the connection of laptops to audio devices such as speakers, headphones, amplifiers, etc. At the same time, they can also quickly recharge laptops or reverse charge other devices such as phones and tablets!

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