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Difference Between Splitter And Docking Station_ Docking Station Features

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First of all, the core difference between the splitter and the docking station is that the splitter does not have a chip, and the docking station has a chip. That is to say, the data processing of the splitter still depends on the motherboard of the computer, while the docking station can rely on the chip to calculate independently.

This brings about a huge difference in the performance of the two. The docking station can have a higher bandwidth than the line splitter, which can drive many different types of external equipment to operate at the same time, and ensure high-quality data transmission. For example, the thunder and lightning three docking station can drive two 4K displays at the same time, and stably output 60 frames of pictures, which is impossible for the line splitter.

7 in 1 Docking Station

Therefore, in terms of price, the docking station will also be more expensive than the cable splitter. If you just want to expand one interface into multiple interfaces and have no requirements for the performance of data transmission, you can directly buy a cheap Cable Splitter. If you need to transmit many signal types and have requirements for transmission quality, you must buy the docking station.

At present, as the notebook goes farther and farther in the pursuit of thin and light, there are fewer and fewer interface types. For example, Apple's MacBook only retains the type-C interface, so it can be said that it is a basic operation to configure a docking station for the thin and light notebook. However, it is precisely because the docking station can adapt to many different devices and has many interface types, which makes Xiaobai easy to see dizzy and step on the pit when shopping.

Docking station performance characteristics:

1. Small size, portable, good compatibility, suitable for most notebook computers and PCI devices

2. The transmission speed has no attenuation, especially suitable for occasions with large data traffic

3. The aluminum shell has good heat dissipation performance, stable and reliable quality, and the use process is very simple

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