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The working principle, characteristics, crowd usage, and common problems of the docking station

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What is the working principle of a docking station
With the popularization and widespread application of computers, people's demand for computers is also increasing. In daily use, we often need to connect various peripherals, such as printers, mice, keyboards, cameras, and so on. However, the number of interfaces in a computer is limited, and it is necessary to use a docking station. So, what is the working principle of a docking station? (Taking USB docking station as an example, briefly introduce it)
The principle of a USB docking station is simple, as it expands one USB interface into multiple USB interfaces through an internal USB hub. A USB hub is a device that can expand one USB interface into multiple USB interfaces. It can connect multiple USB devices to a computer, enabling the simultaneous use of multiple USB devices.
The working principle of a docking station is as follows: When we connect a USB docking station to a computer, the computer automatically recognizes the USB docking station and recognizes it as a USB device. Then, the USB hub inside the USB docking station will expand one USB interface into multiple USB interfaces, enabling simultaneous connection of multiple USB devices.
11 in 1 docking station
What are the characteristics of a docking station
We have already had a brief understanding of the working principle of a docking station, and now let's take a look at the characteristics of a docking station?
1. Small size, lightweight and easy to carry.
2. Good compatibility, suitable for the vast majority of laptops.
3. The transmission speed has no attenuation, especially suitable for situations with high data communication volume.
4. The quality is stable and reliable, and the installation and use process is very simple.
What audience is the docking station suitable for
Docking stations are suitable for business professionals aged 20 to 35. This is to convert a single interface of a laptop into one or even multiple physical interfaces, achieving physical connection between the laptop and other devices. Most of them are purchased by young and middle-aged people in office and business environments, and there are also game enthusiasts:
1. Game enthusiast group: For large-scale games, the reaction speed and smooth transitions are not sluggish, and the computer running speed is required to be high.
2. Content creators: For some editing, design, and other work groups, expand computer capacity and improve speed.
3. Outdoor workers: For those who need to work outdoors in their daily lives, high transmission, small size, and easy to use.
Docking Station Common Issues
1. Signal interference (manifested as Wi Fi, Bluetooth mouse disconnection)
If you haven't bought a docking station yet, it is recommended to choose a large brand docking station.
If you have already purchased a docking station, you can try connecting your laptop and phone to a 5G wireless network.
2. Unable to output 4K/60Hz
The 4k/60hz of Type-c docking station is a pitfall because there are too many restrictions on outputting 4k/60hz through it. If you place an order without understanding it clearly, it is easy to waste time and effort.
The currently available 4K/60Hz support docking stations are only suitable for laptops with 10th generation Intel processors, as the core display of Intel processors before the 10th generation does not support DP1.4, and these 4K/60Hz support type-c docking stations all follow the DP1.4 protocol.
If your laptop is equipped with a 10th generation Intel processor, theoretically it can output 4k/60Hz videos through a type-c docking station that supports 4k/60Hz. It is recommended to ask customer service before placing an order.
3. Severe heat generation in the docking station
Docks can generate heat, but the difference is the degree of heat generated.
If you are worried about the heat generated by the docking station, it is best to connect it directly with a cable. Additionally, it is recommended not to charge laptops through the type-c docking station, as it can increase heat generation and risk.
4. Burned the motherboard of the laptop (the most MBP)
Do not charge your laptop through the type-c docking station, it is best to plug it in directly.

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