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What are the common issues with USB-C HUB docking stations?

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Why can docking stations with the same functionality have a price difference of several hundred yuan? In addition to the high cost of lightning chips in lightning docking stations, the main difference lies in the quality of workmanship and materials used. Poor quality docking stations can directly affect daily use and even damage computers.
USB-C HUB docking stations
1Signal interference problem
Due to the fact that USB3.0 and 2.4G wireless devices such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and mouse are all in the 2.4GHz frequency band, it is easy to encounter signal interference issues, ranging from delay to disconnection. The fundamental reason for this issue in the docking station is that the signal isolation design of the docking station is shoddy or even non-existent. Docks with high quality requirements will make great efforts in signal isolation by completely wrapping the PCB board with a metal shielding layer, providing electromagnetic protection. For example, Apple and Shell Gold are quite good in this regard.
2. Heat dissipation issues
Due to the certain power consumption associated with chip operation and high-speed signal transmission, dock heating is a very common phenomenon. The specific heating situation is related to the load situation, circuit design, and heat dissipation scheme of the docking station. The heat dissipation effect of the docking station depends on the material and size of the docking station's shell. In terms of shell material, the heat dissipation effect of metal is definitely better than that of plastic, so the surface temperature of metal shells will be higher than that of plastic shells under the same volume. In terms of volume, generally speaking, the larger the volume, the better the heat dissipation effect. The temperature of the docking station is usually 40-50 degrees Celsius during daily use, and as long as it does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, it is not a problem.
3. Burn the motherboard issue
Whether a docking station will burn the motherboard is a concern for many people, and many friends have also reported that the motherboard of a laptop suddenly burns out during the use of a docking station. These bloody cases all have a common feature: using a low-quality docking station to charge a laptop for PD. In fact, the principle behind why a docking station causes the motherboard to burn is also very simple. The hardware quality of a low-quality docking station is not up to par. Once a component experiences a short circuit, a large current will instantly be transmitted to the laptop, which is strange if the motherboard does not burn. Therefore, it is also very simple to avoid the issue of burning the motherboard, which is to try not to use the docking station to connect to PD charging. If there is a conflict between the docking station and the laptop charging port, it is strongly recommended to choose a high-quality docking station, otherwise the cheap picture may not be worth the loss.
4Compatibility issues
Many people see the support list for docking station models and are not sure if there are compatibility issues between the docking station and their own devices. In fact, there is no need to worry about this. The interface extension of the docking station only depends on the capabilities supported by the USB-C of the laptop, and has nothing to do with the brand or operating system of the laptop. For example, some lightning docking stations only support the lightning protocol, which means these lightning docking stations are not suitable for non lightning USB-C; On the contrary, Thunderbolt 3/4 is compatible with both the UBS and DP protocols, making it no problem whether using Thunderbolt docking stations or regular USB-C docking stations.

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